2020 Scholarship Winners

We support grade 12 graduating students at participating schools in the Christian community with $1,000 scholarships. Students are required to write an essay emphasizing the meaning of “Biblical Stewardship” and how it applies to their life. In addition, the student should provide a brief outline of their accomplishments, volunteerism, life and career goals.

Janessa ButlerJenessa Butler

Calgary Christian School

“Every moment of every day is a blessing from God. Being biblical stewards means giving back to our Heavenly Father by devoting everything He has given us to caring for and furthering His kingdom.”

Layton VandeStroet

Calvin Christian School

“Biblical stewardship is clearly laid out in Matthew 25 with the parable of the talents. In this parable, the lord of three servants travels to a far country and entrusts his servants with talents according to their ability.”

Rolynn Bikker

Covenant Canadian Reformed School

“God placed Adam in this world to maintain it, and all things living in it. Following Adam, we must take care of the world we were given since God gave it to us as a gift, we do this to show thankfulness to Him.”

Denae Tavenier

Edmonton Christian High School

“God owns everything. He provided us with the earth, gifts, and the ability to take care of His creation for Him. We exercise our faith when we allow God to direct decisions that have to do with the use of these

Taylor Slomp

Coaldale Christian School

“Whether this be in a hobby or career, God calls us to praise and magnify his name, serving others in love, while we carry out the tasks to which he has called us.”

Jonathan Barwegen

Immanuel Christian High School

“Living for the Lord isn’t just about giving your time and money away to help spread God’s word, it’s also about living your daily life in a way that makes you look different than everyone else and makes people question why you are different.”

Laryssa Leffers

Parkland Immanuel Christian School

“Stewardship is using our God given gifts to glorify the Lord by serving others. We need to use our gifts and talents to serve others with the right intentions.”

James Reitsema

Providence Christian School

“The parable in Mathew 25:14-30 tells of three servants using the money their master entrusts to them. The parable shows that God expects us to wisely use what we have been given.”

Laura Kok

Tyndale Christian School

“God in his grace has blessed us beyond imagination. Therefore, out of thankfulness for the gifts that have been granted to us, we must live a life of stewardship, bringing glory to God in everything we do.”

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