MoneyWise App

Be wise with money.

The MoneyWise app helps you practically and easily apply the Bible's financial principles in your daily life using a digital version of the cash envelope system. The app also connects you with the Christian community where you can find encouragement on your stewardship journey and provides resources to guide you through what the Bible has to say about money.


  • Simple digital envelope system
  • Track your spending
  • Community of stewards
  • Life changing resources

Try a FREE version of the MoneyWise app:

Please note: At this time the MoneyWise Pro Version is not linked to Christian Credit Union accounts and we do not recommend purchasing it until we are able to provide this functionality.

Compass Spending Plan

Do you know how your great grandparents kept a budget before people used cheques, credit and debit cards and online banking? Simple! They used the cash-­in-the-envelope system. They labeled envelopes for various spending categories and at the beginning of the month put a budgeted amount of cash in each envelope. And, for example, when the “clothes” envelope was empty, they didn’t spend anymore on clothes that month. It was simple and effective. You’ll use a similar system with the Compass Spending Plan. 

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