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Savings Goals and Bonuses

We encourage youth to meet their monthly savings goals by paying a bonus that is in addition to regular account interest. Participating schools earn a matching bonus and receive $5.00 for every new account opened.

FAT CAT® (Grades 1-6)

  • $0.50 bonus for every month you deposit $1.00 times your grade level.

eg. Grade 4 savings goal: $4.00 per month = $0.50 bonus (12.5% interest)

HeadStart® (Grades 7-12)

  • $2.50 bonus for every month you deposit $5.00 times your grade level. If you do not reach this goal, you still qualify for the Fat Cat® savings goal described above.

eg. Grade 9 savings goal: $45.00 per month = $2.50 bonus (5.5% interest)

Please note: Bonuses are paid for the school year (10 months). If you miss your savings goal one month, you cannot make up for it the next month.

2020-21 School Bonuses

Edmonton and Area

  • Covenant Canadian Reformed School -$1452.00
  • Edmonton Christian High School -$525.50
  • Edmonton Christian Northeast School -$227.00
  • Edmonton Christian West School -$366.50
  • Parkland Immanuel Christian School -$1,114.50


  • Calgary Christian School -$314.50
  • Trinity Christian School -$74.50
  • Tyndale Christian School -$248.50

Lethbridge and Area

  • Calvin Christian School -$2,139.00
  • Coaldale Christian School -$889.00
  • Immanuel Christian School -$1,073.00
  • Providence Christian School -$614.50

Grand Total -$9,038.50

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