70th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you for attending our 70th Anniversary Celebration!

We had good weather and a great turn out at the Edmonton and Lethbridge branches. It was great to see you in person, get caught up on the latest news, and have some fun together! Thank you to Dawg On It and Hickory Street for serving a great lunch.  

Draw Prize Winners


  • Dylan P. - $70 gift card to Sunnyside Nursery
  • Andrew L. - $70 gift card to Wooden Shoe
  • Michelle B. - $70 gift card to Green Haven
  • Wilma K. - $70 gift card to Kooyman Bakery
  • Jennifer B. - Christian CU blanket and water bottle 


  • Ben P. - $70 gift card to Grandin Bakery
  • Karen V. - $70.00 gift card to Sunstar Nurseries
  • Marty V. - $70.00 gift card to Dutch Delicious
  • John D. - Christian CU water bottle and Simplifying the Money Conversation book
  • Mary K. - Christian CU coffee tumbler and Simplifying the Money Conversation book
  • Sharen D. -Christian CU water bottle and blanket
  • Celine H. - Christian CU coffee tumbler and blanket     

Congratulations! If you are a winner, you have already been contacted by Christian Credit Union.

Lethbridge Branch

Edmonton Branch

Monday | April 25, 02:08 PM
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