The following Board nominees will be declared elected by acclamation at our AGM in March 2019.

Henry Bosch

Henry Bosch is an operations and cybersecurity manager at EPCOR, where he has been employed for one year. Prior to that he was with Alberta Blue Cross for 13 years.

Henry and his wife Laura have three children. They attend St. Albert Canadian Reformed Church where Henry serves as a sound technician. He also volunteers as a Systems Administrator at Parkland Immanuel Christian School and is finishing a management degree at NAIT.

Henry has been a Christian Credit Union member since 1982. He would like to help us achieve our vision and become a recognized leader in applying Christian values to financial services. He has completed a 2-year term (one year as President) on the Board and has agreed to serve for another 3-year term.

John Jagersma

John is the Executive Director for the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta. AISCA creates a positive social, fiscal and political environment in which independent schools are free to maintain their identity as they serve the public interest. John and his wife Dana reside in Edmonton, and are members of the Immanuel Canadian Reformed Church. They have been blessed with 6 children, aged 4-16. In addition to serving on the Christian Credit Union Board of Directors, John also serves on the board of Word & Deed Canada, and as an elder in his local congregation.

John would like to help people exercise good stewardship of the financial resources God has given to them. He has completed a 3-year term on the Board and has agreed to serve for another 3-year term.

Friday | March 8, 04:57 PM
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