Church Testimonials

Meadowlands Baptist Church

I am pleased to be able to share our experience with joining the Christian Credit Union. We are a medium sized church and had been using a regular financial institution for all our needs until January 2020. Using a regular bank has been an interesting exercise for us here at Meadowlands. The fees have been high and there is not a very good understanding of what we do. For example, it has been hard to bring in an electronic solution for giving and for paying the many kinds of people and suppliers a church is working with. We basically could only use cheques for most of it. And for us the high fees and lack of understanding of what we do made it difficult to operate effectively.

Then we heard of this financial institution called the Christian Credit Union. They had recently opened its membership to all Christians. We have been dealing with a regular credit union for our building mortgage, and we were hopeful of the relationship we could build with the Christian Credit Union. I reached out to the Christian Credit Union and Melissa Wielenga, Business Banking Advisor, came to visit us and started working with us to provide a better solution than we have had. She connected us with people in the Christian Credit Union and she brought us options designed for church and non-profit businesses. Specifically, we were granted accounts with no fees. That was huge on its own. We were also shown ways to receive giving electronically which we did not have before, again without fees. As a non-profit church, this is important. They connected us with a system to pay employees and creditors electronically called Business Pay (Customer Automated Funds Transfer) which really has made a difference. We are saving money and putting it back into the ministry now that we are connected with the Christian Credit Union. They have a great lending service, and we are ready to use them if the need arises.

By far the biggest changes we have seen are in the philosophy of the Christian Credit Union and how they align up with our own. I have visited the Christian Credit Union building and it is very beautiful. And my interaction with people both physically and over phone/email have been absolutely the best. To join we had to agree to a statement of faith. What other financial institution does this?! I have liked it so much that I moved my personal and business financing to Christian Credit Union as have many in our church and we are loving the service and biblical interactions we are having as a result.

I would strongly recommend that you contact the Christian Credit Union and let them show you what being part of a great Christian organization is like. And we pray that the Lord will bless the Christian Credit Union and that they will continue to grow.


David Treau
Church Administrator
Meadowlands Baptist Church

Filipino International Baptist Church

Thank you for the opportunity to share how we came to Christian Credit Union.

We are praying for a place where we can do worship, a house of prayer and a center for our mission in reaching our city for Christ. We applied for a mortgage loan in our bank but the terms are not favorable to our new church. As we continued to pray and seek God's direction we came across Christian Credit Union through a website. Pete Peters was very helpful and after providing the required information a meeting was set to discuss our mortgage loan application. Our visit to the Christian Credit Union was very accommodating as we met Melissa Wielenga. Our Leadership Team together with their families felt very welcome.

We greatly appreciate your support, prayers and timely reply until we received our mortgage loan approval.

Glory to our God.

Bayani Taligato


Filipino International Baptist Church North Edmonton

Wednesday | December 16, 08:48 AM
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