The vision for Ebenezer House was born when Martin and Marlene Boardman were driving from Brooks to Drumheller, AB and stopped to look at a property for sale with a red and white chapel. They imagined a place where people could pray together, encourage each other, and be led by the Holy Spirit.

It took two years and three attempts to purchase the property and during that time the Boardmans’ faith was stretched. It took time to sell their current property, and they met roadblocks with other financial institutions who slowed down the process and didn’t understand their unique needs.

Christian Credit Union took the opportunity to be part of something that God was building, simplified the approval process, and provided financing in 48 hours. Recently, many prayers were answered by our heavenly Father when the vision for Ebenezer House became a reality.

Martin Boardman is Prayer Mobilizer for Dunamis Fellowship Canada, working with Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International. For more information, visit

Thursday | September 19, 01:02 PM
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