Rehoboth Christian Ministries

Rehoboth Christian Ministries Association serves people with disabilities, helping them flourish by providing services and support through four programs across Alberta: residential services, vocational services, respite and supported independent living.

This non-profit society was formed in 1976 by members of the Christian community. Today, they employ more than 700 people and provide services in Edmonton (including Stony Plain/Spruce Grove), Coaldale/Lethbridge, Calgary/Airdrie, Three Hills, and Grande Prairie.

In their programs across Alberta, they provide personal support to some 235 clients, creating opportunities for personal growth and meaningful participation in society.

To augment programs and equipment, they operate several social enterprises: greenhouses and a wood products store in Coaldale, a New to You gently used goods store in Three Hills, and rental opportunities at Rehoboth Camp near Gull Lake.

This year, we are pleased to partner with Rehoboth Christian Ministries to build a 14-suite facility in Lethbridge for housing and program delivery for aging clients with mobility challenges. Construction of Christopher Place is underway led by general contractor, Silver Ridge Construction. With the Lord’s blessing, they hope to open the facility in November.

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Wednesday | May 12, 02:23 PM
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