Ed Dubbeldam's Retirement

Ed Dubbeldam

Retiring After 16 Years of Service!

Ed joined the Christian Credit Union team as a Business Banking Manager in 2006 after working as Director of Architecture and Emerging Technologies for Telus (and formerly EdTel) for 22 plus years. This was a completely new role for Ed who was now assisting business members with financial needs and helping them achieve their business goals. However, he must have known the future was friendly because he served for 6 years in various capacities before becoming Director of Information Technology to respond to Christian Credit Union’s evolving and changing needs for technology.

Today, Ed serves as a Chief Technology Officer, and is responsible for evaluating our short- and long-term technology needs. He oversees our company's data, security, maintenance, and networks and works closely with our technology service providers. Ed is always on the lookout for new technology that will improve the member experience, create back-office efficiency, or prepare us for the unexpected, like suddenly having to work from home! He played a key role in our conversion to a new digital banking platform.

Ed cares about the well-being of our members and our team and is always quick to help solve a problem or walk you through something new. He is also a great prayer leader and enjoys volunteering for his church and being involved in community programs. Ed currently works part-time and spends many afternoons playing golf. He enjoys spending time with family, camping, and working around his home.

Ed we are truly blessed to be part of your journey for the past 16 years and pray the Lord will guide your path as you get closer to retirement on October 31, 2022.
Wednesday | September 21, 11:36 AM
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