Tips for Working Remotely

Learn how get the most out of your work day, be connected to people, and stay healthy while working from home.

Set a schedule/keep a routine.

Even though you’re not going into the office, stick to a routine. Start working at the same time every day. Get showered and get dressed.

Create a dedicated workspace.

To be most effective in your remote work, find a space where you can set yourself up to work comfortably and effectively. The couch looks tempting but likely isn’t a good long term solution.

You are working remotely, and so is your child! Schedule priorities and accept that your work day may look a little different.

If your child is also home, it can be hard to manage both your workload and ensure they are also meeting their school or other requirements. There is no perfect scenario, so do your best to manage all your priorities. You may need to modify your work schedule to work around your child’s schedule. That may mean working in the evening when you typically don’t, or starting earlier in the day. Try your best to figure out a schedule that allows you to best manage these competing priorities.

Step away from your desk. Give your body/mind a break.

When we work from home, we have a tendency to stay seated. Don’t forget to stand up, stretch, make sure you look out the window and breathe!

Get fresh air/eat well/sleep.

There is plenty of research that shows a brisk walk is good for your body and for your mind. Get moving to get those endorphins flowing. They are really effective at making you feel less stressed. Good nutrition and rest are also important. Drink water, eat healthy and try to get as much sleep as possible.

Know that anxiety about working remotely is normal.

It’s perfectly normal to feel anxiety about not being in the office. It’s a change for many people. Do your best to remember this situation is not forever. If you are feeling anxious, your workplace provides an employee assistance program for all employees to access. Contact your human resources representative for more details. There are also some excellent free apps available such as: Breathe2Relax and Headspace that provide methods to help you cope.

Stay connected to people.

Isolation can be a reality of working remotely. Make sure you find ways to engage with others. Schedule opportunities to connect through FaceTime, Skype or a good old fashioned phone call.

Keep the news off.

The news is changing all the time and it’s tempting to keep checking it. Be careful it doesn’t consume you. Think about scheduled times to take a break to see what is going on.

Up your Wi-Fi.

There will be increased internet use while you and others are working from home - consider boosting your Wi-Fi to support this.

Go easy on yourself and others.

This is new territory for everyone. Do your best to be good to yourself and to others! We all need to work through this together!

Wednesday | April 22, 12:26 PM
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