Church and Non-Profit Loans

Term Loans

We offer a variety of loans for your day-to-day operations and major purchases.

Short-term Loans

For your under 12 month borrowing needs.

Get peace of mind knowing that money is available when you need it. We understand your needs and give you flexibility to manage your cash flow. We provide biblical advice combined with discounted interest rates for churches and non-profit organizations.
For construction contract bidding, new home warranty, landscaping and more.

Fee Amount
Bank Confirmation $25.00
Verification Letter $25.00
Manual Loan Payment Complimentary
Manual Account Transfers $5.00
Delinquency Follow Up Call $10.00
Late Payment Fee $40.00
Late Mortgage Renewal Fee $75.00
Temporary Excess Fee (within 7 business days) $50.00 + per item charge
Temporary Excess Fee (over 7 business days)
$150.00 + per item charge

The fees mentioned here do not represent a comprehensive list of all the services and fees that may apply. For more information regarding other fees, please contact a branch.

Business Banking

Lynn Urquhart

Business Banking Manager

Daniel Lee, CFP®

Business Banking Advisor

Jamie Van Maanen

Business Banking Advisor

Melzina Webley-Smith

Business Banking Advisor

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