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Genworth’s online resource,, helps Canadians build their knowledge of the homebuying process and make their homeownership experience an informed and responsible one. Our intention is to educate and provide useful information to consumers, homeowners and future first-time homebuyers. We believe it’s essential that Canadians have all the information they need to make informed decisions about homeownership, which for many is the most important investment of their lifetime.

Mortgage Calculator

Christian Credit Union partners with Genworth Canada to provide mortgage insurance for down payments under 25%. Check out these calculators on their website to determine what you can afford, mortgage payments, and insurance premiums.*

  • What Can I Afford? — This tool will help you estimate the mortgage amount you may receive from your bank or another lender.
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator — The Mortgage Payment Calculator helps you calculate several different aspects of your mortgage.
  • Premium Calculator — The Premium Calculator helps you calculate the mortgage insurance premium on any of the Genworth Canada products.

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