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Member Card Login

Create a New Login

If you have received a new MEMBER CARD® debit card, please destroy your old card and begin using your new card immediately. Follow these steps to create a new login:

Mobile App Instructions

For Mobile App instructions, please click on the button below:

Mobile App Instructions

Internet Banking Instructions

  1. Click “Internet Banking Login” on the homepage.
  2. Click “Add Memorized Account” or “Manage Memorized Accounts”
    Member Card Step 2
  3. Click “Add an Account” and enter your new Login ID (16 digit number on the front of your new card) and your Access Code (PAC). Your PAC will be the same code you used for your old card. Click “Submit”. 
    Member Card Step 3
  4. Delete the your old memorized account, and click “Return to Login”
  5. If you added a memorized account, Your Login ID will appear. If you did not add a memorized account, you will have to enter your Login ID (new card number).
    Member Card Step 5
  6. Enter your 5 to 8 digit Personal Access Code into the Access Code (PAC) field. Your PAC will be the same code you used for your old card. Click “login.”
    Member Card Step 6
  7. Answer the security question using the same answers as you used for your old card. Click “login.”
    Member Card Step 7

If you would like to change your PAC and security questions, click “Profile and Preferences” once you have logged in.

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