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Mobile App Login

Creating a new Login ID for the banking app without first logging into the app is not very intuitive, hence the following instructions.

Regardless of the PDA and its operating system (iOS or Android), the banking app is accessed by tapping the Christian Credit Union banking app icon as shown below:

Christian Credit Union Mobile App

Step 1

After you have tapped the icon above, regardless of the screen, do not log in to the app. Now tap the Settings icon.

Step 2

After you tap on the Settings icon,  tap on Saved Logins.

Step 3

After you tap on Saved Logins, you’re presented with the manage Logins screen below. 

Step 4

CCU Mobile App Step 4

The “d” underneath Manage Logins represents an existing Login ID. It can be deleted by tapping the orange circle with the white bar to the right of “d”.

 To create the new Login ID, tap Create New Login at the bottom of the screen.  It is outlined with the blue square.

If you do not know the “new” PAN by heart, please have that PAN available to enter the data when requested.

In order to better illustrate the entry of the Login information a bigger screenshot is required. As a result you’ll need to go to the next page for details.

As illustrated, there are two fields that need data to be entered.  The Login ID# is the first field.  Here you enter the 16 digit PAN from the debit card as this is your Login ID#.

Step 5

CCU Mobile App Step 5Tap on the field to start the entry of information.  If you’ve tapped on the field and your PDA does not present a keyboard, tap again until a keyboard for entering the PAN is presented on your screen.  As noted in the illustration, your cursor will appear on the right side of the data entry field.

Remember Me is a switch that is turned on by default and turned off by tapping the white button.  The Remember Me switch’s sole purpose is to store your Login ID# on your PDA and associate a Nickname to the Login ID#.  If you choose to turn this off you will be prompted to enter your Login ID# each time you open the app for use.  The Login ID# stored on your device is not to be confused with the Personal Access Code (PAC) aka “password” which is not stored on your PDA.

The second field to be entered is the Nickname which can only be filled in provided that the Remember Me switch is turned on.  When creating the Nickname do not create a nickname which would anyway assist someone from inferring the account number, Login ID# and or your PAC.

Once you have entered a Nickname, tap the CONTINUE button to proceed to the next screen and complete the creation of the new Login ID.

Once you have tapped CONTINUE, one of two screens will be presented.  If the member has Increased Authentication activated, they will be presented with the illustrated screen.

Step 6

Tap the space provided as outlined in blue to have the keyboard appear which allows you to type in the answer to the question.  Again, note that upon tapping in the answer field provided, your cursor will be to the right side of the field.

Once you have typed in the answer, tap on the CONTINUE button to proceed to the next step.

Failure to answer the question correctly will result in a second question appearing.  Follow the same steps as previously.  If the answer to the second question was incorrect, a third question will be presented.

If the answer provided to the third question is incorrect, the account will be locked. You will need to unlock the account as per the branch procedures.

Once you have correctly entered the answer to the question, the next PAC screen will be presented. This is shown on the next page.

Members who do not have Increased Authentication turned on will be brought straight to this screen after entering the Nickname.

This is also your opportunity to encourage the member to setup Increased Authentication.  This can be accomplished through the app or the website.

Increased Authentication allows you to choose three questions and give answers to those questions.  Each time you login into the banking app or through the website, you will be prompted to answer one of the questions to access the account.  You are given three attempts to answer the questions correctly, and then you will be locked out.

Once you have answered the security question or your Nickname for the Login ID, tap CONTINUE. You are now presented with the password screen.

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