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Biblical Stewardship

Biblical Principles to Live by Regarding Finances | 2008

December 03, 2008

 Much of the focus of the world today is on increasing possessions and wealth. At this time of year we are saturated with messages that promote the idea that more ’stuff’ and bigger and better ‘things’ are the key to happiness. Perhaps it’s appropriate to review key Biblical principals for life – the Bible makes reference to money and possessions 2,350 times.

  1. All wealth belongs to God. If we take this to heart, we realize that nothing that we own is ours. How can we evaluate to what extent we have fully surrendered ownership of our finances to God? Ask these questions – How much do I worry about finances and possessions? To what extent do I try to control it? What is the level of my contentment? Earlier this year, a group leader of an annual service project to Nicaragua commented that these third world Christians believe in this concept fully in spite of having little material possessions.
  2. We are managers or stewards of what God has given us. A steward is someone who is entrusted with another’s wealth and charged with the responsibility of managing it for the Owner’s best interest.
  3. Every spending decision is an eternal decision. How we use wealth affects His purpose for our life. When we spend selfishly it will not be multiplied for His Kingdom. However, when we spend our wealth to bless others, we too are blessed, not only now but also in eternity.
  4. Stewardship cannot be faked. Our cheque book and our day timers tell us how we choose to use God’s resources. It reveals our priorities.
  5. By tithing we give evidence that God owns it all. A pastor recently commented to me that he has never come across anyone who tithes regularly and has walked away from the Lord.
  6. Work towards being debt-free. By using credit cards and lines of credit it’s easy to get into financial difficulty. Everyone’s goal should be to reduce debt because a heavy debt burden can get in the way of being able to live out the Biblical principles listed above.

The challenge for all of us is to put these principles into practice. At Christian Credit Union, we want to be partners in this endeavor. Life is a journey…through prayer, practice, continuous learning and God’s amazing grace; we will be able to apply these principles to our lives.

Jim’s note: In October 2005 I had the privilege of attending an "Advisors with a Purpose" event in Calgary. Advisors with a Purpose is a relatively new organization attempting to link Christian charities and Christian advisors throughout Canada by encouraging advisors to turn their "practice into their purpose". The Canadian National Christian Foundation ( is the sponsoring organization. Attending this event has helped me in articulating the Biblical principles listed above and to become more committed to applying these principles in my personal life and life planning practice.

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