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Fall 2013

Get to Know the Board

In 2004, the Board through its Policy Committee established a comprehensive set of policies. The policies are intended to govern the actions of the directors, committee members and employees of the Credit Union. All the policies are subject to the Alberta Credit Union Act and Regulations and the By-laws approved by members of the Credit Union.


To ensure that the Credit Union maintains its Christian character, it is emphasized that all of the policies adopted by the Board and contained in the Policy Manual are subject to the Basis and Purpose of the Credit Union as set out in section 1.1 of the By-laws (available on-line).


Some of the policies in the manual are reviewed by the Board annually while those that do not require annual review are reviewed on a three-year rotation. This ensures that the policies are relevant and functional.

Corporate Governance is section 2 of the manual. Policy 2108 defines the Board’s Roles and Responsibilities. To quote from the policy:

“ The Board acknowledges its responsibility for the general management of the business and affairs of the Credit Union in accordance with the Credit Union Act and the By-laws” including:


  • Exercising the powers of the Credit Union directly, or indirectly through employees
  • Establishing and maintaining prudent policies for the operation of the Credit Union
  • Directing the management of the business affairs of the Credit Union
  • Acting honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Credit Union at the exclusion of the other interests
  • Exercising the care, diligence and skill of a prudent person in directing the Credit Union’s affairs


How the Board carries out these responsibilities will be the subject of a future article. Stay tuned!

-Peter Van Bostelen

In This

•  Membership Survey
•  Performance and Marketing Awards
•  Staff Profile: Jacki Aleman
•Fraud Prevention: identity Theft 

  • Jelly Bean Contest Winners!
  • Scholarship Winners! 
  • Planner’s Corner: Government Incentives for Charitiable Giving
Serving members of our Reformed Christian community since 1952
John Veldkamp, CEO

As our children and youth have returned to their studies after a summer break, I thought this would be a good time to highlight our school program as it is featured prominently in this newsletter.  Some of you are familiar with this program but did you know that this program has been running for over 40 years at Edmonton Christian Schools? Our New School Youth Banking program is another way we promote Biblical stewardship by encouraging our students to save their money. When they meet their savings goal they earn a bonus which demonstrates the value of saving.  In addition, the Credit Union contributes a matching donation to the school equal to the amount of bonus earned by the students. This year we were able to contribute over $10,000! In addition we offer scholarships of $750 each in 9 different high schools as well as an additional annual scholarship at The King’s University.


Over the years our school program has grown tremendously and we currently have a school program operating in the following schools: Calgary Christian Elementary and High Schools; Calvin Christian School (Coalhurst); Coaldale Christian School; Covenant Canadian Reformed School (Neerlandia); Edmonton Christian North, West and High Schools; Immanuel Christian Elementary and High Schools (Lethbridge); Parkland Immanuel Christian School (Edmonton); Providence Christian School (Monarch); Trinity Christian School (Calgary); and Tyndale Christian School (Calgary). Wow!  In many of these schools the program is run by parent volunteers and we have learned that volunteers are more successful in encouraging participation than staff members. As a result we are hoping to recruit volunteers to take over at the Edmonton schools this year. If you are interested in supporting this program please let us know. We are thankful for the tremendous growth of this program and we hope that the parents appreciate our efforts to encourage saving habits.

On a different note, you may have noticed the contribution by your Board of Directors on the front of this newsletter. The Board has been working hard on reviewing its activities and one area that was identified for improvement was interaction between the Board and the members. To help improve this interaction the Board will have a regular contribution to this newsletter.  The first installment highlights how the Board governs the direction of the Credit Union through the use of policies. Future articles could highlight strategic planning or possibly inform you about the responsibility of specific Board committees. We hope that this will help our members gain a better understanding of the role of the Board. 


We are also coming to Board nomination time.  Similar to last year, the Board will only nominate one candidate per vacancy. This year, however, the membership will be informed of the Board nominees by a special notice in October with an opportunity to nominate additional candidates by mid-November. We believe this will make the process even more transparent for the membership.


I would also like to share with you that financially we are on pace to improve on our results of last year. Thanks be to God for blessing our efforts, to the staff for their hard work, and to our members for their support.


We strive to fulfill our vision of promoting Biblical stewardship every day and, like any student, we want to learn how to improve and develop our abilities. If you have any ideas on how we can serve you better, we would love to hear from you. In all things we will look to our gracious God to guide our steps for: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” - Proverbs 9:10 NIV

Membership Survey

Thank you to approximately 600 members who completed the online survey posted on our website in July and August. Your feedback helps us determine what we’re doing well and where we can improve our service. A summary of the survey results will be posted on our website in the near future.


The winner of the Apple ipad mini is Zac Peetsma. Congratulations!

Excellence Award!

Christian Credit Union was awarded for Best Loan and Deposit Growth in our peer group at the 2013 Alberta Central AGM & Conference on April 12-14 in Calgary, Alberta.


Marketing Awards

Congratulations to Phil Geusebroek who won two Achievement in Marketing Awards at the Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU) conference in Whistler, BC. Awards were given for the 2012 Annual Report and the Difference Newsletter.


Glory to God and thank you to our members, staff and Board who help make these awards possible.


Staff Profiles

Jacki Aleman

Jacki began working as a Member Service Representative in Lethbridge on March 26, 2012 and has previous experience in sales and the customer service industry. She was married to Kevin on May 17 and attends the Netherlands Reformed Church of Lethbridge.


Jacki enjoys a variety of activities including camping, waterskiing, playing sports and going for walks. She also enjoys working around her new home which has been a surprising amount of work.


Jacki loves working with all her fellow staff at the Lethbridge branch. She enjoys interacting with members and working as a team to help our Reformed Christian community. She thinks it’s great to make a difference and show people that you care about them and their financial well-being.


Staff Notables


We say farewell to Carolyn Wallish, Compliance Support,
who has decided to pursue a career in truck driving with her husband John. We wish you the Lord’s blessings in your
future endeavours.

Fraud Prevention

Identity Theft: Tips that will help minimize your risk

  • Before you reveal any personally identifying information, find out how it will be used and if it will be shared.
  • Pay attention to your billing cycles. Follow up with creditors if your bills don’t arrive on time.
  • Guard your mail. Deposit outgoing mail in post office collection boxes or at your local post office. Promptly remove mail from your mailbox after delivery. Ensure mail is forwarded or re-routed if you move or change your mailing address.
  • Utilize passwords on your credit card, bank and phone accounts. Avoid using easily available information like your birth date, the last four digits of your SIN or your phone number.
  • Minimize the identification information and number of cards you carry.
  • Do not give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the internet unless you have initiated the contact or know whom you’re dealing with.
  • Keep items with personal information in a safe place. An identity thief will pick through your garbage or recycling bins. Be sure to tear or shred receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance forms, physician statements and credit offers you get in the mail.
  • Give your SIN only when absolutely necessary. Ask to use other types of identifiers when possible.
  • Don’t carry your SIN card; leave it in a secure place.

For more information about identity theft and other fraudulent scams, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Career Opportunities

Senior Relationship Manager,
Business Banking

We have an exciting opportunity for a dedicated individual experienced at building relationships with small businesses and agri-business organizations. You will be expected to promote the best interests of our members by providing, cross-selling and referring loan, deposit and investment services that exceed member expectations. You will also help develop and grow our business banking centre.


Loan Administrator, Support Services

We are looking for a dynamic, service-oriented individual who will assist the branches with the preparation of loan documents and ensure that our security is properly registered. Someone who is a paralegal or who has similar experience would be well suited for this position.

For more information, visit


Jestin Cooper
Jellybean Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Jellybean Contest! Congratulations to the winners who received jellybeans, $100 cash deposits and gift cards!



1st –  Zachary Visser, Grade 4, Edmonton Christian North School
2ndAaron vanGrootheest, Grade 1, Covenant Canadian Reformed School
3rdGrace Hawrylek, Grade 5, Edmonton Christian North School



1st  – Jestin Kooper, Trinity Christian School
2ndDaniel Azozie, Calgary Christian School
3rdChloe Schriemer, Grade 8, Tyndale Christian School



1st  - Nathan VanBelle,  grade 10, Immanuel  Christian School
2nd - Jonie Beyer, grade 9, Calvin Christian School
3rd - Rebecca Hofsink, grade 6, Coaldale Christian School

2012 School Bonuses

Your school gets a matching bonus when you meet your monthly savings goal. We also give $5 to your school for every account opened. We are pleased to announce that the following bonuses have been awarded for the 2012/13 school year:



Edmonton Christian High School - $1,438.50
Edmonton Christian West School - $750.00
Edmonton Christian North School - $329.00
Parkland Immanuel Christian School -  $627.50
Covenant Canadian Reformed School - $711.50



Trinity Christian School -  $224.50
Tyndale Christian School -  $396.50
Calgary Christian School -  $672.50



Immanuel Christian School - $1,396.00
Providence Christian School - $474.00
Coaldale Christian School - $1,041.50
Calvin Christian School - $2,275.00


Total Bonus - $10,336.50   


Scholarship Winners!

Every year, Christian Credit Union provides a $750 scholarship to help support students in our Reformed Christian community. This year Tyndale Christian School in Calgary became the 9th school eligible to receive a scholarship! Applicants are required to write an essay demonstrating Christian character, academic achievement, extracurricular activities and future goals to qualify for the scholarship.

Megan Bos

Calvin Christian School

Megan believes that Christian Education has not only prepared her for University and the workforce, but has also taught her the importance of giving back to the community. At a young age, she began fundraising for Ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) a rare genetic disease, and the Kidney Foundation. She also volunteered at the Coaldale and Lethbridge hospitals and the Coaldale library. Megan and two others interviewed Registered Apprentice students to produce a video that promoted the trades. She is also president of the Student Council and has organized fundraisers for the food bank, MADD and the homeless shelter.


Megan plans to attend the University of Lethbridge and obtain a Bachelor of Management with a degree in Marketing; a subject that has long held her interest. She hopes to eventually be in charge of marketing for an agricultural firm.


Brendan Middel

Immanuel Christian School

Service to others has always been an important theme in Brendan’s life. From an early age, he has helped others including the elderly or shut in with snow shoveling and other services. In the past few years he has been volunteering as Junior Counselor for Calvinist Cadet Corps. He also helps with DK’s Galaxyland at the Immanuel Christian High School Bazaar. Last fall, Brendan was part of leadership for the Senior Varsity Volleyball team. He has also participated in various cross country races including the Alberta Cross Country Provincial in Red Deer where he placed 15th overall.


Brendan plans to attend The King’s University College in the Fall for the Environment Studies Program. He may become a biologist for Fish and Wildlife but is also considering
pre-seminary classes and studying in the Netherlands for
a semester.


Tara-Lee Hulst

Coaldale Christian School

Tara-Lee participates on several sports teams, including volleyball and basketball. Tara-Lee is the president of the Student Action Leadership Team (SALT) and has also helped out in their local community by providing food hampers for needy families through the Coaldale Food Bank. Tara-Lee volunteers at Stepping Stones Bible camp where she can share her faith with others. She attends Young People’s Bible Study and works
part-time at Tim Hortons where she enjoys serving and talking with customers.


Tara-Lee plans to attend Lethbridge College to become an Educational Assistant. She chose this career path so she can work in a positive school environment and assist kids in learning. She also hopes to get involved in mission work, where she can serve others and share her faith.

Bertel Fieret

Providence Christian School

Bertel has a strong interest in multimedia and would like to use his talents to promote Christian morals in the media. His accomplishments include a Certificate in Cisco IT Professional and a Certificate of Excellence in Graphic Tools. Bertel is currently president of the Student’s Council and helps organize fun days and food sales to help promote student involvement in the school. He is also a member of the Providence Christian School Promotions Committee where he helps make media tools like presentations, brochures and pamphlets. In his free time, he works on updating and improving the school website.


Bertel is currently enrolled in a work experience program at a graphic design shop in Fort Macleod. He is currently enrolled in the Multimedia Production Course at Lethbridge College.


Deanna Schriemer

Tyndale Christian School

Over the years, Deanna has volunteered for various church activities including bazaars, and mission fundraising. Deanna is one of the leaders for her school’s Yearbook Committee, which is a real challenge because it is the school’s first yearbook. She has participated in school plays and went on an exciting exchange trip to the Netherlands last year. Deanna works part-time at the Kidz 1st Network Parent Link Centre at the Calgary Corn Maze during the summer. She has also been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons for a few years and recently won the 3D Memorial Award for drive, determination, and dedication.


Deanna hopes to begin her post-secondary education at the University of Calgary. Her goal is to major in International Relations to prepare for a career as a Foreign Service Officer. By the grace of God, she hopes to be a light to people around her in Canada and in other countries.



Gregory VanderVinne

Edmonton Christian High School
J.A.J. VanGinhoven Scholarship

Gregory has achieved many accomplishments throughout his life, both academic and otherwise. In addition to maintaining a good average in school, he has spent the past 6 years officiating soccer. He now referees games at an advanced level and enjoys giving back to the soccer community after playing for many years as a goal keeper. Volunteering has grown to be a significant part of Gregory’s life. He has been on SERVE trips to San Diego, El Paso and Washington D.C. He has also volunteered many hours at The Mosaic Centre, Camp Rehoboth and Trinity Christian Reformed Church.


Gregory has been accepted to The King’s University College for the 2013/14 school year where he will be studying Economics. He plans to pursue a career as a research analyst or associate consultant so he can help businesses function more efficiently. He is also considering working as a Financial Advisor.

The $750 scholarship is provided annually to an Edmonton Christian High School graduate in honour of the late J.A.J. VanGinhoven, a strong supporter of Christian education and General Manager of Christian Credit Union from 1959-1987.


Jessamy Vegter

Parkland Immanuel Christian School

Jessamy has made many memories and accomplished many things at school, including discovering what direction she wanted her life to travel. Over the last few years, she has participated in a school program called “Making Connections” where she interacted with residents of Emmanuel Home and clients of Rehoboth Christian Ministries. She also joined the Student Operated Union of Leadership (SOUL) team. Jessamy also played on the volleyball team, participated in Adrenalin Theatre and volunteered for various church and school activities.


Jessamy believes she has been given talents to help others who have struggles in their personal lives. She plans to attend the Bachelor of Child and Youth Program at MacEwan University where she can help rescue children from a history of neglect, abuse, emotional struggles and family brokenness.


The King’s University College

This scholarship is presented by The King’s University College to the recipient in October. We will present the winner in the Winter issue of the Difference Newsletter. Stay tuned!

Tayah Dykema

Calgary Christian School

Ever since Tayah was a young girl, she knew she wanted to be a woman of God. She has been able to exercise her leadership abilities in many facets of her life. She has been on the volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track teams for many years. She has also coached a few middle school teams and participated in the school play. Tayah held a successful fundraiser for a refugee family who lost their father to cancer. The story hit close to home for Tayah, who also lost her father to cancer. Tayah has received both the citizenship and leadership award at school and has been asked to judge the science fair at school.


Tayah’s passion and goal is to become the charge nurse of a pediatric palliative care unit. She wants to use her life experience to reach out to others and help them find their path. In her words, “God has placed many fantastic opportunities in my life and I hope to utilize those experiences for the best in my future career.”


Brittany Larson

Covenant Canadian Reformed School

Brittany has been given many opportunities to make a difference in her community and that has helped shape her into the person she is today. She has dedicated numerous hours to her school’s leadership program as the leader of the Events Committee. She has helped promote communion within the school by organizing events such as Dress-Up Days, Winterfest and the 30-Hour Fast. Brittany is also treasurer of the Travel Club at school and helped organize work activities to fund raise for a trip. She also works part-time at a grocery store and a children’s clothing store on the weekends.


Brittany plans to pursue post-secondary education after high school and become a high school teacher. She wants to become a teacher so she can influence the lives of young adults the way her teachers have influenced her.

Jim Hummel, CFP®

Planner’s Corner

Government Incentives for Charitable Giving

The Government of Canada continues to encourage Canadians to give to charities. Below are two such has been in existence for some time and the other is new in 2013.


Donating publicly held securities  

Perhaps you have some shares in your Safety Deposit Box that were provided to you when the life insurance company that you had a policy with demutualized or you worked for a company that provided shares. Maybe you have a brokerage account where your shares or mutual funds have accumulated capital gains. You can donate these shares to your favorite charity and by doing so eliminate capital gains and obtain a full contribution receipt for the value of the securities.


Below are two scenarios to illustrate how it works:

Sell securities and then donate net value to charity:   Transfer securities to charity and then have the charity sell securities:

Sale price of security 
Original purchase price
Capital Gain
 ½ Capital Gain is taxable 
Tax payable (39%*) 
Net proceeds to donate
Tax credit (50%**)


Capital gain eliminated
 No tax payable
No tax payable

*Top marginal tax rate in Alberta
**Combined federal and provincial tax credit for Alberta. Assumes sufficient taxable income.


In addition to being able to provide $1,560 more to charity, by transferring the securities to a charity would result in $2,440 more in tax savings over selling the securities first. Some clarification: publicly-held securities are bonds, stocks and mutual funds and for this example are held outside of a registered plan such as an RRSP or TFSA. The charity you wish to donate the shares to needs to have a brokerage account to facilitate this. 


First-Time Donor’s Super Credit
To encourage Canadians who have never given to charity, the Government of Canada has introduced a temporary First-Time Donor’s Super Credit for up to $1,000 of monetary donations in the 2013 federal budget. The new credit effectively adds 25% to the rates used in the calculation of non-refundable charitable donations tax credit (CDTC). As a result, first time donors in Alberta will receive $100 on the first $200 of charitable contributions (15% existing federal + 25% First-Time Donor’s Super Credit + 10% existing Alberta = 50% x $200) and $600 on the next $800 in contributions (29%  existing federal  + 25% First-Time Donor’s Super Credit + 21% existing Alberta = 75% x $800). If a first-time donor donates $1,000 they will receive a $700 refund/tax savings or in other words a $1,000 donation only ‘costs’ $300 provided the donor’s taxable income is over approximately $18,000.


An individual is considered a first-time donor if neither the individual nor the individual’s spouse has claimed the CDTC in any of the five preceding years. Taxpayers can only claim the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit once from the 2013 to 2017 taxation years.

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