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2016 Scholarship Winners!

Ashley SlingerlandAshley Slingerland

Calvin Christian School

Biblical Stewardship has been deeply rooted into Ashley’s worldview through her Christian Education. She has learned that caring for others and for the earth are essential to her own development. She’s experienced this at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital where she’s volunteered for the past 4 years.

Ashley gives a helping hand to those who are suffering from illness or old age. She has been a member of her student school council and achieved honors throughout high school. She was the recipient of the Gold Volunteer medal, for volunteering over 100 hours in her grade 12 year.

Ashley has been accepted into a Bachelor of Chemistry at the University of Lethbridge. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in medicine. Her goal is to become a doctor to ensure that she is able to use her gifts to benefit those around her.

Mackenzie Van Bostelen

Coaldale Christian School

Mackenzie is an accomplished academic and athlete. She has represented her school in basketball, volleyball, and soccer while working part-time during the school year. Mackenzie also has a passion for art and science and has been recognized for her talents through medaling at both school fairs.

Mackenzie believes that Biblical Stewardship is being able to use the gifts that God has given us for the benefit of others and for the ultimate glory of God. To be a Biblical Steward results in God being pleased with what you have done and with what he has given you for the ultimate benefit of others.

Mackenzie is a leader in her community and school environment and volunteers for soccer leagues and summer camps across the city. This fall, she will attend the University of Lethbridge for a Bachelors of Science degree with a major in psychology.

Chantelle Konynenbelt

Immanuel Christian High School

To Chantelle, Biblical Stewardship not only refers to using our financial gifts for the strengthening of the kingdom of God, but also our talents, time and resources. To be a steward means to be a guardian or manager of whatever goods you are granted or have earned and to share with those who need your help.

Chantelle has been actively involved in school council, Student’s for Life, athletics, and social events. She has been actively involved in her church and school, and recently went on a mission trip to Mexico. This was an eye opening experience for her regarding the importance of Biblical Stewardship across the globe.

Chantelle plans to attend the University of Lethbridge and hopes to attain a degree in management with a major in finance and a minor in social responsibility. She has always had an interest in money management and hopes she can help others practice Biblical Stewardship.

Rachel Grisnich

Providence Christian School

Rachel believes that Biblical Stewardship is taking care of God’s creation. Rachel cares greatly for the environment and believes that we as humans are doing damage to the world that God created. We need to work together to care for creation, which includes anything from trees to electronics.

Rachel has always had a passion for the care of animals. She currently has over 300 volunteer hours at a veterinarian clinic in Fort Macleod. This passion has translated into her strong worldview about the protection and conservation of animals.

Rachel plans to attend Olds College to become an Animal Health Technician. She hopes to be able to work in an animal shelter, veterinarian clinic or Research Centre in order to use her gifts for the good of all God’s creatures.

Rachel Butler

Calgary Christian High School

Rachel believes that Biblical Stewardship means using your God-given money, time, and talents to serve others. Rachel has been tithing 10% of her income to give to those in need. She has been sponsoring a Compassion Child from Rwanda in order to provide for her basic needs and teach her about the love of God.

Rachel has excellent academics and been very involved with student council, where she planned community involvement activities and attended various leadership conferences. She keeps busy babysitting, volunteering and doing mission work through her church.

Rachel is planning to attend Trinity Western University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Rachel is excited to use her gifts of mercy and leadership as well as her love for children to care for and serve others wherever God calls.

Martina VandeRiet

Covenant Canadian Reformed High School

Martina refers to the Cultural Mandate in Genesis One to describe Biblical Stewardship. As Christians we must live our lives to the praise and glory of God and follow his commands. Everything we have been blessed with is from God and we must use our gifts and talents to the best of our abilities to help others and glorify God.

Martina is accomplished in academics, piano, and volleyball. Martina knows the importance of academics, extracurricular activities and volunteering. She has competed in piano festivals, volleyball zone championships, and volunteered in acute care at a local hospital.

Martina has been taking a dual credit course through Norquest College in order to obtain her Health Care Aid certificate. She plans to go university to become a registered nurse. She believes that these gifts and interests will help to support those around her.

Kayla Vandervelde

Edmonton Christian High School
J.A.J. VanGinhoven Scholarship

Kayla has been blessed with many experiences, memories and achievements during her time in high school. She believes that Biblical Stewardship allows her to use resources, gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Kayla has been able to emulate Christ through leading worship for chapels at her school. This was initially a scary task to take on, but Kayla has felt God’s presence guiding her to have confidence not only in herself but to help and support those around her.

This fall, Kayla plans to pursue a career in nursing. She is excited to be able to use her sensitive and caring nature to support those people around her who are in need. She believes that God made her who she is for a reason and is excited to see what the future may hold.

The $750 scholarship is provided annually to an Edmonton Christian High School graduate in honour of the late J.A.J. VanGinhoven, a strong supporter of Christian education and General Manager of Christian Credit Union from 1959-1987.

Kailyn Leffers

Parkland Immanuel Christian School

Kailyn refers to Mathew 25:29 to describe Biblical stewardship. She believes that God has given us so much more than we deserve and he entrusts us to use our talents to the best of our ability and for the benefit of all those around us. This can also be seen as a process of cultivating and improving your God given strengths while helping others around you.

Kailyn has been involved in school sports as a team captain, a summer camp volunteer, and a soccer coach. She also went on a mission trip to Cuba where they supported locals by providing clothes, water and food.

Kailyn hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement. She would like to attend a year of bible school within the next couple of years after completing her Police and Investigations program through Grant MacEwan University.

Abbigail Hofstede

The King’s University $1,000 Scholarship

Abbigail Hofstede is a third-year student of the Bachelor of Politics, History, and Economics. Abbigail chose PHE because she loves the interdisciplinary aspect of the degree and the versatility of it. She’s not yet sure what career path she would like to take, and PHE will give her a broad range of skills and opportunities.

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