Merchant Services

Fast, reliable and uninterrupted transaction processing is crucial to the success of your business.  That’s why Christian Credit Union has partnered with Everlink Payment Services.  Everlink is committed to providing our Commercial Members with some of the lowest processing rates, the best service quality, and a leading edge technology which allow you to accept Interac, Visa and MasterCard payment cards securely through countertop, WiFi and Bluetooth, or Long Range Wireless Solutions.

Competitive Flat Rate Pricing

Low cost, flat rate pricing, allows you to qualify for the lowest interchange rates charged by Interac, Visa, MasterCard and other card networks.  And, there are no hidden costs - what we tell you before you sign the contract is what you’ll see in the contract and on your statement.

Deployment and Service Management

With Everlink’s state-of-the-art terminals, you simply plug it in and start processing immediately.  If you have any questions, Everlink has established a specialized service management team of experts that can walk you through the process.  Furthermore, for any service question you may have, a help desk is available, free of charge.


All persons authorized by the Commercial Member will have access to the real-time Resource OnLine ("ROL") reporting tool.  This is a robust reporting tool that provides up-to-date details on indiviual transactions, chargebacks, check balances and confirm deposits, verify daily sales, and monitor financial adjustments, as well as a variety of other detailed information.

The Protection of Risk Services

Everlink’s risk analysts monitor daily deposit activity for thousands of merchants using one of the most versatile and efficient risk management systems in the industry.  Everlink’s staff can monitor retrieval requests, chargebacks and card association reports to detect potential issues before they become problems.

Merchant Benefits of Accepting Payment Cards

  • Better customer service and improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved speed, efficiency and cash flow - lower costs
  • Increased sales and average ticket size
  • Enhance your business image and match your competition

Business and Non-Profit Banking

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    Business Banking Advisor

    Melissa Wielenga