About Us
Christian Credit Union is the trusted financial institution that offers a biblical approach to financial services for every Christian in Alberta.

We value everyone as a unique image bearer of God. Our members and staff agree to our Statement of Faith and we are deeply rooted in the five biblical financial principles. We are uniquely committed to giving back in service to Christian organizations. Our employees are purpose driven and surveys confirm we are one of the best Christian workplaces.

We are cooperative. We are member-owned and we give back through profit sharing. Our service standards ensure you are our number one priority. We are government regulated and offer a 100% deposit guarantee. Our team members are qualified professionals who participate in Kingdom AdvisorĀ® training. We offer a full range of products and services.

We're here for the long haul. We expanded our membership requirements in 2018, are entering into new markets and welcoming new churches. We have experienced 0 defaults for churches and organizations in 70+ years and have the lowest default rate in the Alberta Credit Union system. We encourage and support Christians to find contentment with their finances.

We give wise counsel because we empathize with your needs and have a shared sense of purpose. We are committed to donating at least 10% of our profits (before taxes) to the community and our non-profit bank fees are the lowest in Alberta. We help build your reputation by partnering with you and sponsoring Christian community events.

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5 Biblical Financial Principles
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Find contentment with your finances.

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