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Are you planning a golf tournament, silent auction, or fundraising event for a non-profit organization? If you are in need of sponsorship money or donation items we may be able to help. We want to be a community leader that promotes Christian principles and has a positive influence on society. By equipping others, we can reach the under-served and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please send us your request a couple of months in advance so we can determine how to partner with you.

We prefer to sponsor organizations and events that:

  1. Help Christian Credit Union achieve its vision of becoming the recognized leader in applying Christian values to financial services.
  2. Have requests for the amount of $100-$2,499. Larger amounts will require more careful consideration.
  3. Are members of Christian Credit Union. Membership is not required but preference will be given to these organizations.
  4. Provide an opportunity for Christian Credit Union employees to participate and develop a business relationship with the organization and its community.
  5. Operate primarily in the province of Alberta.
  6. Are transparent and allow us to publicize our sponsorship or donation through media channels.
  7. Are registered as a charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency. We will consider applications from not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, or other community based organizations which do not have a charitable registration number if they can clearly demonstrate how they are aligned with Christian Credit Union’s objectives and intend to make a meaningful impact in our funding focus areas.
  8. Promote Christian Credit Union as the exclusive financial institution.

We generally will not sponsor organizations and events where:

  • The primary applicant is an individual or private business
  • The purpose is to raise contingency funds or deficit funding (short term retroactive funding for capital initiatives may be considered)
  • The primary applicant is an employee, family member, delegate, or board member of Christian Credit Union
  • There is a third party fundraising for a registered charity
  • Funding the request would attach significant legal exposure or financial or reputational risk to Christian Credit Union
  • Events are inaccessible due to ticket price

Ready to apply?
Contact Pete Peters - Director, Member Experience.

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