Personal Mortgages

Christian Credit Union has a way for you to effectively manage your finances by making loans more readily accessible and lowering your cost of borrowing.  No more difficult choices, just one easy way to manage your household budget.

You can borrow over and over again without paying legal fees* using the equity in your home.  Borrow at first mortgage rates to make major purchases, renovate your home, purchase a vehicle, or make a donation.

*A fee applies for administration of each subsequent advance (suggested minimum advance $10,000).


Pay extra anytime.  Choose from monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly payments.  Ultraflex mortgages may be repaid in full at anytime without penalty.

High Credit Limit  

Up to 80% of your home’s value at the time of advancing the funds.*

*An appraisal may be required.  

Profit Sharing

As a Christian Credit Union member you are entitled to share in the profits.  Christian Credit Union has an excellent track record of returning profits to members.

Features and Benefits

  • Fixed interest rate for 1-year term 
  • 90-day rate guarantee
  • No annual renewal fee
  • Convenient, automated withdrawals from your Christian Credit Union account
  • Interest rate discount for members with day-to-day banking*and other products at Christian Credit Union 

*Day-to-Day Banking is defined as one automatic payroll deposit or two automatic debits per month.

The Home+ Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to borrow for home renovations, get a car loan, or other expenses without having to re-apply for a loan. The limit is based on the equity available in your home.

Are you in the market for a new home? Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to upgrade, there are a number of things to consider. At Christian Credit Union, we have the mortgage products you need and the advice you’re looking for. Contact one of our dedicated Personal Bankers for more information.

Down Payment

The size of your down payment will determine more than just your monthly mortgage payment. If you have over 20% for a down payment, you qualify for a conventional mortgage and do not require mortgage insurance. If you have less than 20%, you can qualify for a high ratio mortgage through our mortgage insurance provider, Genworth Financial. The insurance premium is based on the size of your down payment and your amortization period. 

Open or Closed

An open mortgage provides the ultimate in flexibility. You can increase payments or make additional payments at any time. The One-Year Open Mortgage, UltraFlex Mortgage, and The Orange are open mortgages. A closed mortgage provides a competitive interest rate and peace of mind with predictable payments.

Fixed or Variable Rate

A fixed rate mortgage provides you with a guaranteed monthly payment and is available in 1-5 year terms. A variable rate mortgage is also available and will fluctuate with the Christian Credit Union Prime Rate. If you’re not sure which option to chose, ask how we can be creative with your mortgage and divide it into multiple terms.

Mortgage Rate Discounts

We reward you with a discounted mortgage rate when you use other products and services. You can save thousands of dollars and take years off your mortgage when you bank with Christian Credit Union. 


You can pay off your home faster by increasing the number of payments you make. Most mortgages can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. With a closed mortgage, you can also increase your monthly payments by 20% every term and make annual lump sum payments of up to 20% of your original mortgage amount. This amount is applied directly to your principal.


Getting pre-approved for a mortgage helps you determine what amount you qualify for when buying a home. Contact your branch to book an appointment with a Personal Banker. They’ll help you find the information you need to get started.

Home+ Line of Credit

This product gives you the flexibility to borrow for home renovations, a new vehicle, or other expenses without having to re-apply for a loan. The limit is based on the equity available in your home.

Additional Costs

There are a number of costs you will have to consider when purchasing a new home. They may include legal fees, appraisal fees, and property surveys. The fee will vary according to your provider.

Moving to a New Home

If you would like to purchase a new home, you can update your mortgage without paying a penalty. There’s also no need to worry about getting a new mortgage at a different interest rate. A portable mortgage allows you to transfer your fixed interest rate, loan balance, and maturity date to your new property. 
If your new home is more expensive, you may be required to pay mortgage insurance. If your new home is less expensive, you can use the excess funds to make a larger down payment, renovate, or take a vacation. 

Profit Sharing

Christian Credit Union gives back to our members through Profit Sharing. The amount of Profit Sharing you receive at the end of  each year depends on the value of the loans and investments you have at the Credit Union. Your mortgage qualifies for a Profit Sharing discount.

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