Apply for Scholarship

How do I apply?

  • Online (Registrations will open March 1 of the current year)

  • Submit an unsigned essay (without your name or any other identifying information) of approximately 300 words emphasizing the meaning of “Biblical Stewardship” and how it applies to your life.  Also provide a brief outline of your accomplishments, volunteerism, and life and career goals.

  • Include a cover letter with your name, home and email address along with your unsigned essay.

  • When applying online, a copy of your application may be sent to your School Principal or alternate contact for identification purposes.

  • Applications will be accepted from March 1 to April 15 of the current year. 

Who reviews my application?

  • The Scholarship Committee is made up of one representative of the Board of Christian Credit Union, one staff member from our Lethbridge branch and one staff member from our Edmonton branch.  They will receive a copy of your unsigned essay only.

  • The Committee will review all of the applications and choose the best candidate from each school.

When will I receive my award?

  • Successful candidate names will be revealed at the time the school normally awards scholarships.

  • Recipients will receive payment after they provide Christian Credit Union with confirmation of:

    1. Enrollment at a post-secondary institution.

    2. Payment of tuition to the institution.

Note: Scholarships must be redeemed within three years of being awarded.

Edmonton and Area
  • Covenant Canadian Reformed School
  • Edmonton Christian High School
  • Parkland Immanuel Christian School
Calgary and Area
  • Calgary Christian School
  • Tyndale Christian School
Lethbridge and Area
  • Calvin Christian School
  • Coaldale Christian School
  • Immanuel Christian High School
  • Providence Christian School
  • Applicant is a Grade 12 graduating student at a participating school.
  • Applicant is a member of Christian Credit Union on March 31 st of the year of application.
  • Applicant agrees that the information in the application is truthful and accurate.
  • Applicant verifies that everything required is included in submission and that incomplete applications may be disqualified.
  • Applicant acknowledges that if he/she receives the scholarship, funds will be deposited directly to his/her Christian Credit Union account.
  • Applicant agrees that Christian Credit Union may use his/her application in promotional materials via social media, website and in printed materials such as the newsletter and annual report. Applicant agrees that his/her entry is regarded as permission to use their content in its entirety or edited as needed.

Are you ready to apply?

Apply for Scholarship

Reminder: Please include your cover letter, essay, and school you attend in your email.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Versluys, Senior Administrative Assistant.

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