CNCF Giving Fund

Are you looking for more creative ways of giving and joining God in His work?

Christian Credit Union has partnered with the Canadian National Christian Foundation (CNCF) to offer their clients a whole new way to give—with a CNCF donor-advised fund (a Giving Fund).

The Canadian National Christian Foundation (CNCF) was founded in 2002 to offer strategies and giving options that allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and in ways that will have more impact on God’s Kingdom while maximizing your gift. The CNCF Giving Fund is a donor-advised fund with a Christian focus.
Invest in building God’s kingdom by giving to the causes you believe in. Working with CNCF is like setting up your own private foundation without the cost and hassle of managing it.

Why use a CNCF Giving Fund?

  • We are a community of believers: our staff, our leadership, our board and our donors.
  • Our expert team can guide you through creative giving solutions. Set up a fund in a matter of hours and CNCF handles all the administration for you.
  • Effectively give from a variety of assets. We can handle non-cash gifts efficiently, getting the money into the field as soon as possible.
  • 100% of your CNCF Donor-advised Giving Fund is always available for your charitable grant recommendations.
  • If preferred, grants can be given anonymously to your chosen charities.
  • CNCF can work with your financial professional to manage the assets held in your CNCF Donor-advised Giving Fund, if desired.
  • Through our unique partnerships, we can help facilitate gifts for qualified international charitable projects.

CNCF wants to help you connect your money with God’s work. Since the beginning, CNCF has helped Canadian Christians maximize their giving, sending over $93.2 million to thousands of charities working around the globe. CNCF’s desire is to work with you to bring meaning to your money while you are living and to ensure the legacy you leave reflects the life you live.

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