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Get encouragement and support in applying biblical principles to your day-to-day banking. We offer personal banking, business banking, non-profit banking and wealth management services. We are member owned, give back through profit sharing, and offer a 100% deposit guarantee. We are uniquely committed to giving back in service to Christian organizations.

We welcome anyone who agrees with our Basis and Purpose and our Statement of Faith including businesses, societies and organizations.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Canadian Identification – birth certificate, Driver’s License, Passport, or any similar record issued by the provincial, territorial, or federal government

  • Social Insurance Number

  • Christian Credit Union will invest $1 in common shares when your membership is opened. Common shares belong to you, and are refundable if you close your membership. Member Shares are required for each membership, but not for sub-accounts within an existing membership.

  • If you are opening a joint account, all signers are required to bring identification and Social Insurance Cards.

  • If you are opening a business account, additional documentation is required.

We are ready to assist with your banking needs.

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