Effective June 20, 2024

Fixed Closed

Year Best Rate
 1 year 6.69%
 2 year 6.09%
 3 year 5.44%
 4 year 5.19%
 5 year 5.29%

Fixed Open

Years Best Rate
 1 year 9.15% 


Years Best Rate
5 year closed Prime* 
Home+ Line of Credit Prime* + 0.50%


Ultra Flex

Years Best Rate
1 year fixed 6.94%

The Orange

Years Best Rate
Base Rate 7.35% 

Mortgage qualifying rate - 7.29%

Rates subject to change without notice.

Mortgages are eligible for profit sharing as declared by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Profit sharing is not guaranteed and is in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. For more information about profit sharing, click here.

* "Prime" is defined as "Credit Union Prime Rate,” which shall mean the floating annual rate of interest established from time to time by the Credit Union as the base rate it will use to determine rates of interest on loans to its members and designated by the Credit Union as its Credit Union Prime Rate. A change in the Credit Union Prime Rate shall on the day of any such change also vary the interest rate on this credit facility in the same manner.  Our current Credit Union Prime rate can be found here.

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