Lutheran Hospital Ministries

Mission Statement

Bringing Jesus’ Healing and Promise of Salvation to Lutherans who are in care facilities or hospitals, and their families.

Vision Statement

To envision and expand Lutheran Hospital Ministries-Southern Alberta Society as a serving, Christ-centred ministry, which is integral to spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  Trained volunteer visitors and Pastors give support through compassionate listening, prayer and Scripture.

Lutheran Hospital Ministries was established in September 1975 and supported by all Lutheran groups in Southern Alberta. Our dedicated group of trained visitors and Pastors visit approximately 4000 people and provide over 100 services each year.  

The City of Calgary and the greater metropolitan area has grown to 1.5 million people and now has over 125 senior residences and care homes. Lutheran Hospital Ministries currently supports 14 of these care homes with services and visits, along with the four major hospitals. We are expanding our numbers of trained visitors and Pastors as more care centres are requesting our presence to provide spiritual care for their residents and staff.

Lutheran Hospital Ministries is supported financially through our generous donor congregations and individuals. In addition to this we have an annual walkathon to raise funds for the ministry. Our annual “Walk for Love” began in 1998 and is held on the last Saturday in April of each year no matter the weather.  For the first time, Christian Credit Union, our banking services provider, has partnered with our charity and will sponsor our lunch at the walkathon.  

To find out more information about Lutheran Hospital Ministries or if you ever thought that this may be your call to service, or you wish to donate, please visit

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