Email Notification for Renewals and Notices

Christian Credit Union has introduced a new system that will enhance our ability to serve our members. This system will allow us to automate certain processes such as renewal notices, which will help reduce our environmental footprint, manage expenses, and help increase operational efficiencies, allowing our staff to focus more of their time and attention on helping our members find contentment with their finances.

Starting July 4th, 2024 some of the paper notices and renewals that you would have historically received via Canada Post (mail) will now be emailed to you. These emails will provide a link to our website (“Contact Us”) that will allow you to respond directly to us. For a short period of time, you may also receive paper copies of notices followed by emails relating to the same notification, dependent on the notification date for that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Christian Credit Union is committed to managing our resources in a fiscally responsible manner. This system will also allow us to automate certain processes such as renewal notices, which will help reduce our environmental footprint, manage expenses and help increase operational efficiencies.

a. Automation of notices such as renewals allows our team members to focus their time and attention on providing advice and helping members find contentment with their finances. All notices will be sent electronically as of July 4th, 2024.

a. This automation does not impact the production of statements; if a member currently receives paper copies, the member will continue to receive bank statements in the same format.

a. No action is required by members; this is information about the transition to email notifications for some of our notices.

b. If a member does not have an email on file with us, please contact us to provide this information to ensure timely notifications can be sent.

a. When a member selects the “Contact Us” button on the email notification, this will redirect the contact to our website and generate a secure email to Christian Credit Union regarding this notice. 

b. Alternatively if members have the direct phone line/email for their advisor, please contact them directly to discuss the respective notice. 

a. Please contact us and provide an email to ensure timely notifications in the future.

b. Until an email is on file, a paper copy of the notification will be mailed. 

a. We are automating these notices as of July 4th however there will be notifications (scheduled for the end of June and first days in July) which will be processed manually and mailed out to members via Canada Post (mail).

b. If a member receives a paper notification, members are asked to please contact us regarding that notification. 

Tuesday | July 2, 11:40 AM
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